Monday, August 11, 2008


So.... this is my first blog, I guess I will start on our weekend. It was a great one! We went to the park on Saturday which was lots of fun but they were so packed that Taylor could not even play on the playground. Ross and Taylor enjoyed feeding the ducks and yes my fiance is just like a child and had as much fun as Taylor did. We then HAD to go to Chick-fil-A per Taylor. I think that the other parents in Chick-fil-A wanted us to leave becuase my child wanted to talk to everyone. He was just trying to make new friends Ross and I told each other until he was leaving the kids to go and talk to the parents. Needless to say, the other children had leave rather quickly. Taylor of course still enjoyed playing and imagining that the "Transformers" were in the Chick-fil-A car and he just had to defeat the bad guys before we left.

Ross and I then got to go to the movie together while my mom watched Taylor. Sunday, we went to church as usual but this was no usual Sunday. We hadn't seen anyone in our Sunday School class since last week. We got there late and no one was there, we then start to wonder if it could be because they don't want to have to go to lunch with us again this week? Oh, last week we all went to Barberitos to eat with our new Sunday School class and oh yes my little boy had a little incident. I got to our table as Ross and Taylor are running for the bathroom, he was getting sick everywhere and yes that means all over everyone too! Poor little guy has never been sick like that before and I didn't laugh at the time but after we knew that he was fine and in bed for a nap... it makes for a good story though. Our Sunday School doesn't hate us they were just all sick themselves.